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Juniors Tennis Programs
Match Tough Tennis Academy

Match Tough – QuickStart I

The aim of the QuickStart Track I is to give players a fun and exciting introduction to the sport of tennis. It is essentially a tennis themed motor skills class. Players will learn the body control and movements that will help them develop into tennis players, and be introduced to tennis as a rally based sport.

Match Tough – QuickStart II

The aim of the QuickStart Track II is to continue to teach tennis in a fun atmosphere, with the goal of having players rally together at the appropriate level. Some key techniques that will be used in all groups will be introduced here, but the focus will be on how to use these skills while rallying. The ability to play points and rally with an opponent from a young age are key to the enjoyment and progression of skills.

Match Tough – Tournament Development

The aim of the Tournament Development Track is to continue to develop players on all court skills and have them ready for tournament and or high school play. Players will continue to develop skills around the whole court and to develop their own personal game style. Players should have confidence in most of their techniques and be beginning to use these to develop tactics to help them in their points.

5651 Balboa Blvd
Encino, CA 91316
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